Sample Graded Essays

The following three essays provide you with samples of my grading techniques. I often write more commentary than the students write in their entire essays as I offer encouragement, suggestions, and corrections. Grammar and formatting issues are explained thoroughly the first time they occur in an essay and then are identified in the essay if they recur.

This first sample essay is a contrast essay written by a high school senior retaking the class I had taught his freshman year. He had struggled as a younger writer, and taking the class again three years later demonstrated how much he had grown as an expository writer; I am so proud of his determination and hard work:

DR-Contrast Essay

The second essay is a poetry explication written by a junior in high school. Consistently, this student received some of the top grades in this class, but he struggled a bit with explicating a poem that we had explored in our last class before this essay was due. (Our classes were held at two-week intervals.) Even strong writers may find themselves especially challenged by a certain essay form, as we see here:

EA-Poetry Explication

The third sample essay is a persuasive essay written by a student who was a serious ballet dancer. She consistently did well in our class, but this essay truly shone with all of her personal experience supporting her points (pointes?). I truly marveled at this essay despite the mechanical issues; it's always the quality of the content that determines the grade at the end of an essay...or any piece of writing:

EY-Persuasive Essay

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