Sample Graded Essays

The following three essays provide you with samples of my grading techniques. I often write more commentary than the students write in their entire essays as I offer encouragement, suggestions, and corrections. Grammar and formatting issues are explained thoroughly the first time they occur in an essay, and then are identified in the essay if they recur.

This first sample essay is a report on Augustus Caesar written by a fifth grade student for whom I’ve been grading essays via e-mail. This is the level of commentary and input that may be expected by those who use my online grading service. Used with permission.


The second essay, a literary analysis of the short story “The Most Dangerous Game,” was written by an 11th grade student in my Intermediate Writing Class at Heritage Christian School. The commentary is a bit less than online graded works will receive as much feedback was given orally to the class. Used with permission.

Literary Analysis MDG

The third sample essay, a comparison/contrast essay of two characters in The Scarlet Pimpernel, was written by an 11th grade student with some learning challenges whom I tutored personally. He is now working on his MBA and has received high grades on his writing assignments. Because this student was tutored by me, the level of commentary is a bit less than online grading would generate as I addressed some of his issues orally during the tutoring session. Used with permission.


If you have any questions regarding my sample graded essays or my essay grading service, please use the "Contact Susanne" option in the sidebar to e-mail me.

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