Book of Common Prayer

I have co-edited a new edition of the Book of Common Prayer, published Easter 2011. This edition uses the English Standard Version Scriptures and updates the language of the original Cranmer prayer book of the 1540s. With accessible language and detailed explanations of the Anglican tradition, we pray that this Book will help many, both within and outside of the Church of England, to learn and pray God’s Word.

It has been a blessing to work on such a beautiful and useful project with Father Keith Acker of Blessed Trinity Anglican Church and his wife, Alice. We spent many a Wednesday afternoon at my home school table, reading Collects aloud and working to make the language both accurate and readable. This project has been truly a labor of love for all involved.

Here is the link to the website for further information and for placing orders:
Book of Common Prayer 2011.

UPDATE: August 2013

The Book of Common Prayer 2011 is going into its Second Printing!! Follow the links to the BCP2011 site for ordering and other information. We're thrilled to see this BCP being used so widely and becoming a beloved source for private prayer and congregational worship!


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