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My 2022-2023 Essay Grading Terms of Service

Susanne Barrett: E-Mail Essay Grading Service

2022-2023 School Year Terms of Service (Effective 1 July 2022) 

Hi! Thanks for contacting me about grading essays for your family. J 

My grading system works in this way: Email me the essay as a Word attachment (no Google Docs, please), and include the assignment directions either in the text of the e-mail or also as an attachment. Also, please let me know if you would like comments only or comments with a letter grade. Please alert me to anything else I may need to know (such as learning challenges, reluctant writing, etc.) so that I can respond to the essay in the most helpful way possible for your family.

I will respond via e-mail within 24 hours to let you know that I received the essay and on which day you can expect to have it returned to you, usually within 3-5 school days. As I deal with chronic pain due to rheumatoid arthritis, I may require an extra day or two to return an essay; I will email you by the original date with the revised timeline for returning the essay should I need to extend the return date. Also, if you need an essay graded more quickly than 3-5 school days, let me know, and I’ll try to slip it into my schedule. 

Also, with each assignment, please include the writer’s age, grade level, and whether you want a letter grade since I grade for many families and may not recall your family’s preferences.  

I download the essay, mark corrections, make comments, and offer suggestions in the right margin. At the end of the essay, I write an overall summary of what was done well in the essay and what needs further attention. My over-arching goal is to encourage growth in the art and craft of writing, including format/structure, organization, fluency, vocabulary, and mechanics.   

When I return the graded essay via Word 2019, I will let you know the fee due: the number of words in the essay (excluding any notes for me) times $.04 (4 cents per word) with a $15 minimum fee per essay. If you wish to have your writer revise the essay and submit it to be re-graded, I charge half as much (revisions are 2 cents per word with a $7.50 minimum). MLA Research Essays will be charged $.05 (5 cents per word) with a $20 minimum fee per essay, and 2 ½ cents per word ($10 minimum) for revisions. I often attach helpful information regarding formats and/or other writing helps at no charge when I return essays.  

Please remit payment due via PayPal at PayPal.Me/SusanneBarrett or I will grade the essay first and then request payment after returning the essay to you. Please remit payment within 48 hours of my returning the graded essay to you. 

Regarding research essays, I am well versed in the latest Modern Language Association (MLA) format style according to the MLA Handbook, 8th Edition (2016) and 9th Edition (2021) which is the format most commonly used for research in the humanities and in first-year college composition courses. Because I am not at all familiar with other research formats such as APA, CMS/Turabian, etc., I only grade research essays formatted according to the MLA style, 8th or 9th editions. 

I also teach MLA research essays to high school juniors and seniors in a six-week timeframe via e-mail. The overall cost for the class, including grading with copious commentary of preliminary drafts and final drafts, is $150 per student with half due at the beginning of the six-week timeframe. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. Send along an essay whenever you're ready, and we'll go from there! I look forward to working with you and your writer(s)!  

Writing with you,


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