Monday, August 15, 2016

2016-2017 Brave Writer Teaching Schedule

Although I just finished the 2015-2016 school year with Brave Writer a week ago with the summer Fan Fiction class, I'm now gearing up for the 2016-2017 teaching schedule.

I am so excited about our new Brave Writer Classroom for teaching our Online Classes that will debut this September. Julie showed us a mock-up of the classroom at June's Brave Writer Staff Retreat and Training, and it's simply gorgeous with very clean lines, more images, and more visual appeal...and a lot easier for us teachers to use. I can't wait!! :)

Now that I am no longer teaching my Expository Essay and other courses at Heritage Christian School's co-op Class Days, I'm taking on one more Brave Writer class this year (for a total of ten classes!), plus I've been receiving a steady stream of requests for essay grading through this site, so I should be plenty busy.

And here is my Brave Writer Teacher page although it needs a smidge of updating for this fall...Susanne Barrett at Brave Writer

So here's my Brave Writer Schedule for 2016-2017; follow the links for a complete course description, recommended student ages, and cost per course. Fall Registration opened on August 1; Spring Registration opens December 5, and Summer Registration should open around June 1.


Groovy Grammar Workshop: September 6-30 (4 weeks)

Shakespeare Family Workshop: September 6-October 7 (5 weeks)

MLA Research Essay: October 3-November 11 (6 weeks)

Playing with Poetry Workshop: November 14-December 13 (4 weeks + a couple days extra for Thanksgiving holiday)


Groovy Grammar Workshop: January dates TBA (4 weeks)

MLA Research Essay: February dates TBA (6 weeks)

Playing with Poetry Workshop: March-April dates TBA (5 weeks)


Shakespeare Family Workshop: April-May dates TBA (5 weeks)

Literary Analysis: Shakespeare's Macbeth: May-June dates TBA (4 weeks)


Fan Fiction: July dates TBA (4 weeks)

Please feel free to post below or e-mail me (see sidebar) if you have any questions about Brave Writer and/or Brave Writer online courses or if you're interested in my e-mail grading service.

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