Saturday, August 20, 2016

2016-2017 Essay Grading Service

Hi everyone! With the 2016-2017 school year starting, I thought I'd re-post the steps for submitting student essays to me to grade.

You may click on this link for my Essay Grading Service if you'd like to read about my service in detail or you may click on the page "Essay Grading Service" just under the header. You may also click on this link to see some of my Sample Graded Essays or again you may click on the page entitled "Sample Graded Essays" under the header.

Please contact me via e-mail using the "Contact Susanne" link in the sidebar if you are interested in using my services. Let me know the age(s) and grade level(s) of your student(s) as well as your goals and/or concerns for him/her/them as writers. Please also alert me to any learning challenges, reluctance in writing, extreme interest in writing, or any other matters I need to know before I evaluate the essays.

I usually return e-mails within 24 hours, so you may expect to receive a return e-mail from me in a timely manner.

After discussing your student(s) and goals/concerns, I'll e-mail the following directions for sending me essays to be graded:

Simply e-mail me the essay you wish to be graded as a Word attachment, including the assignment either in the text of the e-mail or also as an attachment. Also let me know if you would like comments only or comments with a letter grade and anything else I may need to know (such as learning challenges, reluctant writing, etc.) so that I can respond to the essay in the most constructive and helpful way possible.

I will respond to let you know that I have received the essay and which day you can expect to have it returned, usually 3-5 school days. If you need an essay graded sooner than that, let me know, and I'll see if I can slip it into my schedule. Also, with each assignment, please include the writer’s age, grade level, and whether you want a letter grade since I grade for quite a few families. :) 

I then download the essay, marking corrections, noting excellence, and offering suggestions for improvement in the right margin. At the end of the essay, I write an overall summary of which elements of the essay were done well and which elements may need further attention. 

My overarching goal is to encourage growth in the art and craft of writing in our students.   

Then when I return the graded essay, which I attach as a Word document and also as a PDF (because some Apple computers and tablets don’t show the review comments in the right margin of Word documents), I will let you know the fee: the number of words in the essay times $.03 (3 cents per word, excluding the student's name, essay title, date, and notes for me). 

If you wish to have your writer revise the essay and re-submit it to be graded again, I charge half as much the second time around.

Then you may remit via PayPal, and I'll give you the e-mail address to do so when I return the essay. I definitely prefer to grade the essay first and then receive payment. 

So just send along the essay when you're ready, and we'll go from there. 

Please let me know if you have any questions; I'll be happy to answer them!

Writing with you,

Monday, August 15, 2016

2016-2017 Brave Writer Teaching Schedule

Although I just finished the 2015-2016 school year with Brave Writer a week ago with the summer Fan Fiction class, I'm now gearing up for the 2016-2017 teaching schedule.

I am so excited about our new Brave Writer Classroom for teaching our Online Classes that will debut this September. Julie showed us a mock-up of the classroom at June's Brave Writer Staff Retreat and Training, and it's simply gorgeous with very clean lines, more images, and more visual appeal...and a lot easier for us teachers to use. I can't wait!! :)

Now that I am no longer teaching my Expository Essay and other courses at Heritage Christian School's co-op Class Days, I'm taking on one more Brave Writer class this year (for a total of ten classes!), plus I've been receiving a steady stream of requests for essay grading through this site, so I should be plenty busy.

And here is my Brave Writer Teacher page although it needs a smidge of updating for this fall...Susanne Barrett at Brave Writer

So here's my Brave Writer Schedule for 2016-2017; follow the links for a complete course description, recommended student ages, and cost per course. Fall Registration opened on August 1; Spring Registration opens December 5, and Summer Registration should open around June 1.


Groovy Grammar Workshop: September 6-30 (4 weeks)

Shakespeare Family Workshop: September 6-October 7 (5 weeks)

MLA Research Essay: October 3-November 11 (6 weeks)

Playing with Poetry Workshop: November 14-December 13 (4 weeks + a couple days extra for Thanksgiving holiday)


Groovy Grammar Workshop: January dates TBA (4 weeks)

MLA Research Essay: February dates TBA (6 weeks)

Playing with Poetry Workshop: March-April dates TBA (5 weeks)


Shakespeare Family Workshop: April-May dates TBA (5 weeks)

Literary Analysis: Shakespeare's Macbeth: May-June dates TBA (4 weeks)


Fan Fiction: July dates TBA (4 weeks)

Please feel free to post below or e-mail me (see sidebar) if you have any questions about Brave Writer and/or Brave Writer online courses or if you're interested in my e-mail grading service.

Writing with you,